Managing The States’ Water Resources

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The 2023 Fall Meeting is scheduled for Oct. 8 – 11, 2023, in Custer State Park.

The Association of Western State Engineers (AWSE) was formed in 1928 and has been continuously active through present day.

AWSE members are state engineers or other officials charged with administration of the laws governing appropriation, distribution or control of the water resources of each state.

The Association’s purposes as expressed in its constitution are as follows:

  • To formulate broad principles applicable to all those states for the development, use, control, and regulation of the waters thereof.
  • To assist one another in the solution of individual problems through the exchange of ideas and experiences.
  • To cooperate in preserving the states’ inherent right to develop, use, control, and distribute the water thereof and to facilitate resolution of interstate water problems.
  • To enhance the beneficial and efficient use of water by encouraging the improvement and perfection of the laws relating thereto and by other proper means.
  • To circulate among members such information as may be helpful in the discharge of their official duties.