2010 Spring Workshop

Wichita, Kansas, May 11-12, 2010

Hearings: When Required and Preparations

State of Kansas Administrative Hearings
Lane Letourneau

Oklahoma Administrative Hearings
Bob Sandbo

Administrative Hearings in Colorado
Dick Wolfe

Monitoring Consumptive Use

Satellite-based Evapotranspiration Mapping in Idaho
William Kramber

Kansas Consumptive Use Evaluation
Scott Ross and Mike Meyer

Water Rights for Wetlands/Environmental Projects

Suggested Means to Qualify and Quantify Wetland Water Rights
Jan Langel – State of Montana

Water Rights for Wetlands and Environmental Projects
Mike Sullivan

Wetland Permitting and the Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge – A Case Study
Katie Tietsort and Lane Letourneau

Rain Water Use: Permits Required or Not?

Rainwater Harvesting in Colorado – The Past, The Present and The Near Future
Dick Wolfe

Rain Water Use
John Mann – State of Utah

Rainwater Harvesting and the Kansas Water Appropriation Act
Lane Letourneau

Alaska DNR – Overview of Water Issues
Kansas DWR – Roundtable

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